The TalentED Project 

Agile methodology

While working with Story2, I had the opportunity to lead the design and development of a custom storytelling course for UBS, one of the world's largest banks. UBS has an amazing focus on increasing education access for low income students. As part of that commitment, they've built The TalentED project -- an online portal that connects first generation, lower income college-goers with institutions that are a good fit. We used Story2's storytelling methodology to build a course that helps students translate their authentic voice into powerful stories for their profiles on TalentED. This course was rolled out to over 200 nonprofit organizations across the country.

Agile methodology

We partnered with two nonprofit organizations in New York City to test the product during the first sprint. During this sprint, students were gathered in a room and the course was delivered by their teacher. We gave the teacher a draft of our Session Leader Guide, and our team observed her delivery while populating our Product Backlog. 

Students as leaders

It's so powerful when curriculum reflects the people who use it. We recruited student talent to help deliver the story methodology in the course videos. 


scaling in chicago

Because UBS is deeply committed to employee and community engagement, their team wanted to ensure the course would work not only with CBOs, but with schools.