H A L L  P A S S  T O U R

The Hall Pass Tour is a venture I co-founded  in 2011. We believe that in every school community, there is a natural treasure: big dreamers with high spark potential. Sometimes they just need a little help. The Hall Pass Tour is a collective of musicians, educators and creative professionals who electrify dreams in rural and urban school communities through live concerts. 

Visit our website at www.hallpasstour.com or download our one-page overview document to learn more. 

M U S E D O R A 

Musedora is the umbrella brand for my life's work. A word that I created, [m-u-s = musician; e-d = educator; o-r-a = orator], the purpose is simple: to create and cultivate musical talent that uplifts the next generation. Musicians are part of the (global) village that raises the child - we have a responsibility to positively contribute to it. I believe future musical leaders will need to embody all three parts of the Musedora framework [musician, educator, orator] in order to aid in the self-actualization of young people.  The Hall Pass Tour (see above) is proof of this larger concept.

In other words... if your target consumer is our collective future, let's make sure we're supporting our young people to be the best they can be. [And yes, your moral compass can point due north while keeping your cool points in-tact as an artist.]

Download the Musedora strategy & framework document to learn more.