"About Love" ft. NYU Clive Davis Institute students


 is the weapon of choice we employ

We so silent

swept up and losing our voice

And I wonder,

how did we end up this way?

It’s no wonder

we ending up losing our way

I wanna know…


 Will we ever know about love?

Will we ever know about love?


 So we got it, cause it was given

To be about it, we gotta live it

Or else what did we come here for?

When love, it is the cure

And I can’t sleep

When I’m knee deep

In these stories

On my news feed

And this one tweet

Ain’t gon solve greed

But I don’t know what else to do

Can you help me

To get healthy?

Cause I’m worried

About my well-being

I don’t trust me

When it’s just me

And so lonely

On this journey

For love….

Janelle BechdolComment